A grid-connected photovoltaic system is connected to the public electricity distribution network (STEG).This grid-connected system is the renewable energy system whose technical operation is the simplest because no preventive maintenance is necessary for low-power installations.

The photovoltaic installation connected to the network consists of:

  • Photovoltaic panels coupled in series and/or in parallel
  • DC direct current protection electrical box
  • Inverter that transforms direct current into alternating current with a frequency of 50HZ
  • AC alternating current electrical protection box
  • AC & DC Wiring Kit
  • Aluminum metal structure
  • Bidirectional counter
photovoltaique Raccordé au réseau Tunisie

Operating principle

Commonly, the modules are installed on the roof section which will be most exposed to the south. They can also be integrated into the structure of the building, on the roof, on the facade, as sunshades, etc.

Electricity is produced in direct current by the modules, then transformed into alternating current by a small electronic device called an inverter.

The electricity, produced and injected into the network, is counted by an electricity production meter previously installed by the STEG network manager. It is purchased at a rate set by the government.

At the interface level with the network, two connection options are possible :

A-The injection of the entire production into the network :

The entire production is sold at the regulated purchase price. A specific connection point for production is then created by the network manager. All consumption is also recorded by the existing consumption counter, as in all buildings connected to the network.

B-The injection of surplus (or surplus) production into the network :

The electricity production consumed on site by devices during operation (called self-consumption) is not counted by the production counter, but reduces the consumption count. Only the surplus of production in relation to instantaneous consumption is sold at the regulated purchase price.