Solar pumping is an efficient, reliable and suitable alternative to conventional motor pumps and pumps powered by generators.

Very easy to install, even in environments close to a traditional electrical network, they avoid having to pull an electrical line. In use, the solar pumps then operate “for free” because they do not consume electricity from the public network.

In most installations, water requirements are directly proportional to the amount of sunlight. This is particularly the case for irrigation, gardening, swimming pool filtration needs, etc…

A tank can be placed at the pump outlet for water storage allowing to have a usable reserve even without sun.

When there is sufficient solar illumination, the pump raises the water from the groundwater to the storage tank.

Pumping is stopped:

  • when solar lighting is too low
  • when the tank is full (float / level switch)
Installation pompage solaire photovoltaïque Tunisie